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Fireworks For The Holiday

On the occasion of the 4th of July, we bring you the best fireworks show you’ll see.. The matchup we’ve all been waiting for. Two of the most popular and hottest girls in the biz, taking each other on in the ring. Two time 2016 AVN award winner Abigail Mac. This girl is beyond description on how beautiful, and what an incredible performer she is. Put her in the ring with the amazingly hot as hell, Brooklyn Chase, nominee for best girl performer, and we had no doubt the sparks would fly. While we expected sparks, we got fireworks!! These two tanned hot bodied beauties are two of the most in demand in the biz. So it was quite a treat for us, and for our fans, to get them together for what turns out to be a wrestling, boxing, and especially a trib fan’s dream match. Starting in the corners with gloves and boxing shorts, the girls are going to try their hand at some pugilistic punisHOT MATCHESent. It soon becomes clear that Brooklyn has the upper hand here as she shoves Abigail into the corner reining blows down to the face and belly. Abigail tries to recover by clinching and hanging on, but Brooklyn keeps the pressure, and the punches, going. After a brief while, Abigail decides she better change this match up, so while admitting Brooklyn is the better boxer, she wants to see who the better woman is sexually. Specifically by tiibbing and fighting. Off come the gloves and the shorts as we witness the beauty of Brooklyn and Abigail fully nude. They lock up in a tit crunch bear hug as both competitors angle for position. The sight of Brooklyn’s and Abigail’s boob smashing are incredible. Soon we move to the ring floor where the aggressive and sexual tripping begins. We can quickly tell that Abigail has an advantage here as Brooklyn cannot deny that she is getting super turned on. But don’t count Brooklyn out. She’s quite the sex machine herself and has Abigail orgasming and cumming like crazy. Oral sex continues to turn on both girls as Abigail and Brooklyn each take their turn at licking and literally burying each others face in their opponents pussies. Fingering, sex wrestling, scissors are utilized to determine who’s the better woman. Back to more tribbing as Abigail seems to be taking over. The orgasms fly in every trib position known to man. The ladies even hang each other on the ring ropes in the corner and trib trib trib!! The wetness of their pussies is evident as they continue to grind and slide over each other. Witness the two goddesses circling each other on their knees we get a birds eye view of both amazingly perfect asses. Two of the most popular and sexiest girls in the biz doing battle in the ring. This is a trib fans dream match and a must have for fans of Abigail Mac and Brooklyn Chase. Who’s the better sexual woman? This title is scorching hot. Get it and watch the fireworks explode!

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