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Violent Orgasms Fly

Here it is! The first time these two superstars of the industry meet in the Xtreme Female Fighting Arena. One look at these two perfect bodies as they size each other up tells the viewer what kind of a sex fight this will become. Abigail Mac, looking hot as ever with her exotic tanned skin, against Cherie Deville, the alabaster blonde with a perfect body and ass. The bikinis come off quick and this one has it all! Great wrestling moves, intense sex fighting with both beauties orgasming over and over. You’ll marvel at the earth shaking violent cumming fits brought out of both girls. They start in a test of strength, back and forth the action goes as camel clutches, surfboards, scissors and other weapons of destruction are used by both. Cherie and Abigail know they have to get the other sexed up in order to take advantage of the other. Deep deep kissing, great breast to breast bearhugs and tit mauling are employed as both girls start to give in to the seduction that goes with the wrestling. Soon Abigail bends Cherie over the couch arm. Cherries body is on full stretched display as Abigail start to lick and tease the helpless blond. Cherie does have some tricks up her sleeve too as she licks, and sucks Abigail’s tits and pussy to the max. Aggressive tribbing and fingering soon follow and both girls are at their sexual peak. You can’t ask for more than Cherie and Abigail fighting and fucking each other. The orgasms fly over and over as both girls aggressively pleasure the other. If you’re a fan of Abigail and Cherie (and who isn’t?), and a fan of violent convulsing orgasms, don’t miss this one!!


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