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We love tribbing! Two beautiful women sexually rubbing their bodies together till they work up a passionate frenzy – and I do mean beautiful, Abbigail Mac, we love her and we know you do too, she is soooo beautiful and oh does she love to tribb. And another tribb lover is the sexy Christie Stevens, a blonde bombshell who is itching for a rematch with the brunette. Both ladies meet with their arousing outfits: short short skirts, garter belts with stockings, heels and tops. Those tops don’t last long as these two want to get at those voluptuous breasts, fingers soon dig in deep then twist those inviting nipples, finally they smash their delicious breasts together in a long bear hug. They want to go further so under the panties go the hands and into their luscious pussies they sink the fingers, off come those panties – time for tribbing and in all positions they rub their wet centers. On top one rides, to the side they rub, on the couch and when one thinks she’s won, it’s by no means over as the other comes up behind her in the bathroom and between her legs goes her hand. We are off for more as they mutually finger each other and we get such an amazing up view, then starts the bathroom tribbing from sink to bathtub, pulling hair and humping from all angles, even lying in the tub. Still they’re by no means done as to the bedroom we go, now comes the deep kissing with so much tongue action you will feel wet, they suck and bite those arousing wet tongues – hot they are, so here comes the tribbing and to make sure they stay close the hair gets connected. Face to face they rub their wet pussies together till we have another lust filled orgasm. We love tribbing and this has amazing tribbing and soooo much more !!!!!!


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