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Abigail Mac and Christie Stevens, two of the hottest ladies to ever slap an ass and you get to see all of their sexual energy. They start out with short skirts, face to face, nose to nose they go after each other with all their pent up sex, so great watching them grab those beautiful butts and from so many great angles, they bear hug and push till against the wall they can grab more ass. Now comes a new wild variation as they braid their hair together forcing them to stay close, and close means some deep kissing – kissing leads to rubbing their pussies, and rubbing leads to fingers being inserted as they now fall on the bed and hit some orgasmic highs. These orgasms lead to more desire, tongues extend and go deep into the throbbing pussies as they are now in a 69 position, we get some fabulous close-ups as again the orgasms blossom. Time for what these girls have really yearned for; tribbing and lots of it, with panties on and nude – both beauties take turns on top but always the pussies are connected as they slip slide to more orgasms. Abby’s brown voluptuous body intertwined with Christie’s white soft curves, their moans of pleasure as they satisfy and get satisfied. One leg to the ceiling as they rub, from behind they ram ass to pussy, seated looking into each other eyes – they rub and stoke, stroke that fabulous ass, stroke those soft breasts, stoke that wet pussy. Pussy to pussy they rub and just can’t get enough of each other – more and more, the hair gets braided together again, more and more orgasms – till finally, finally – exhaustion has them passed out on the bed, naked except for those sexy heels that have stayed on through it all. Hot, hot tribbing – and soooooo much more !!!!!


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