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Split those legs, wider, wider and with each extra push her bountiful bosoms jiggle and flop – this is the whole story of this great match. Afrika splits the legs of poor naked Kianna Dior showing all of her feminine beauty. Yes, Afrika goes wild in this one, she loves getting the sweet Asian in such extreme compromising positions: match books with both arms and legs used to fold Kianna into a tight sandwich, how can the poor girl even breath? Over and over she uses her weight to destroy the voluptuous beauty, stretching her in so many pretzel poses, but alway she exposes that female center, she delights in showing the world all of Kianna. Groans of pain are mixed with gasps for air as each extreme hold challenges her very existence. Afrika sits on Kianna’s ankles pinning her legs to the floor by her head exposing her ass for the ebony destroyer to spank as the poor Asian gasps for air, she pulls Kianna up on her shoulders as she splits her legs and laughs with glee. Splits, presses and every painful spread and match book you can think of and all aimed at exposing her feminine center and causing pain – only one way to finish this one, you got it, split her in such a way it lasts for a long, long time – wider and wider, so may great holds, so little time – ENJOY !!!!!


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