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Asian Persuasion 2

Ok guys, now we have 2 hot as hell stars in the fetish world sex

battling it out. And…..There’s a part in this video that EVERYONE

has to see. First we have Akira Lane, the beautiful Asian flower,

taking on porn star Sadie Holmes. Who by the way, looks like a young

Katie Holmes. The two are in the bedroom for the second battle and

man….does it heat up!! Wrestling back and forth on a bed doesn’t

deter these two from applying wrestling holds and forced orgasms to

the other. Back and forth the battle goes, forced orgasm after forced

orgasm until…..THE PART YOU HAVE TO SEE! Akira pins Sadie down,

locking her arms to her sides wit her legs, sitting on top of her

facing her legs. Sadie is completely helpless as Akira spreads her

legs and places the Hitachi vibrator on just the right spot. Sadie

cums and cums and cums…..but Akira is NOT through! She doesn’t take

the Hitachi off!!! Sadie is powerless as waves and waves of orgasms

hit her again and again, over and over. I just have to say that there

are not many girls I’ve seen that can take this type of torture, but

Sadie just rolls her eyes back and goes with it. Personally, I have

never seen a girl have a continual orgasm for this long. Akira will

not let up!! It is truly a site to behold. Kudos to Sadie for riding

the waves of pleasure for longer than most girls could.


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