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Time for the sex with Idelsy Love and Alix Lynx! And boy is it hot, the shots in the jacuzzi are some of the sexiest ever, yes when these young beauties go al fresco it is a work of art, those views over Idesly’s shoulder as Alix licks her pussy are so amazing. Their wet bodies shimmer as they shake and tremble from those tongues going deep – but I get ahead of myself as they start out in the bedroom, they got so hot from the sex struggle in the living room that the bedroom was a must – soon they are deep kissing, dancing tongues till they can take no more and move to a 69 where both can get pleasured and we are treated to some Xtreme close ups, so wet and hot, they make their bodies throb as over and over they come. Each one takes a turn pleasing her partner and then another 69 to get mutual pleasure. They end with a fabulous tribb where again they can both go sex crazy. Now they move to the hot tub where their wet bodies shine in the California air – a magnificent site.- and the site gets better as they go crazy pleasuring each other, more deep kissing, then one jumps up on the ledge where below her a hot soaked beauty is positioned to lick and suck her drenched pussy. Back and forth they go, even using the water jets to get off – true beauty in motion. Beautiful wet bodies in the ecstasy of sexual pleasure and you will be up close and personal – so hot the Jacuzzi over heated and so will you !!!!!


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