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Hard Body Bangin’

Taks a lighthearted tussle, sprinkle it with two of the hardest and hottest bodies around, and watch in awe as an amazing sex fight builds to a crescendo of orgasms and pleasure. We start off on the mat where Alix Lynx and Idelsy Love are practicing yoga. Both girls are nude from the start and you’ll marvel as the two perfect bodies stretch and position themselves into erotic poses.This goes on for a minute or two until Alix remarks that Idelsy’s form isn’t correct. At first she shrugs it off, but as Alix persists, Idelsy’s anger starts to rise. Soon the two beauties are engaged in a roll around catfight. Breast torture and hair pulling are used to Idelsy’s advantage. Maybe Alix knows her yoga but Idelsy wants to show the blonde who can FIGHT! More action ensues as Alix starts to torture Idelsy’s tits and pull her hair. Soon however, the dark exotic Idelsy and the blonde Alix begin to enjoy themselves. It’s obviously too much for them to resist as they start to fondle and deep kiss each other. This sets the stage for sex sex and MORE sex. These two REALLY like each other and soon any argument over who has the proper yoga form is forgotten. Idelsy lays Alix back and goes to town on her body. Amazing close ups of Idelsy eating Alix’s perfect pussy puts you right in on the action! Sucking on Alix’s clit drives her wild and she cums HARD! A screaming REAL orgasm is pulled from Alix and once again, the camera close ups put you right there! More deep kissing follows and soon Idelsy is sitting on Alix’s face. Now it’s Alix’s turn to pleasure Idelsy, and pleasure her she does!! Idelsy’s perfect ass and Alix’s tongue BURIED inside her pussy is an amazing sight. Alix really knows how to please her foe as her tongue circulates and darts in and around Idelsy’s pussy. Now it’s Idelsy’s turn to cum and cum HARD she does. Grinding her ass into Alix’s face gives her the orgasm she’s built up to. Once again the crystal clear close ups have to be seen to be believed. Perfect lighting and perfect girls make this a visual orgasm fest! But we’re not finished yet. Now both girls are hot and bothered, so they roll around a bit more and wind up in a tight solid trib position!! This tribbing is some of the best we’ve seen as the girls grind slowly and build once again, faster and faster to a mutual screaming orgasm! After this, Alix gets into her stretching yoga pose, her perfect ass in the air, and Idelsy strokes, fingers and licks her pussy. Idelsy’s tongue knows what Alix’s likes as she circles and licks her clit with her tongue.. Then Alix does the same with Idelsy’s ass in the air. Idelsy leans back on Alix and we get a perfect shot of Idelsy’s body as Alix fingers and rubs her girl’s pussy and tits. There’s just so much to see in this title. Two girls with perfect tight bodies, perfect asses and tits, fighting, then pleasuring each other to REAL orgasms. Alix’s blonde hair and light skin contrast beautifully with Idelsy’s dark hair and skin tone. This is one you’ll want if perfect bodies, beautiful girls, and crystal clear Xtreme close ups are your thing. And – who doesn’t like that? Can’t say enough about the chemistry between these two. What a great title that’s over 30 minutes long!


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