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Superheroine Hitachi Showdown

We open with the Evil Clown carrying the scrumptious hard bodied Alix Lynx to the bedroom. She seems to be under a spell of some sort. He enhances the spell with hi wand to make sure. Make sure that Alix is fresh meat to succumb to Superrgirl played by the smoldering and sexy Lyra Louvel. Once dumped on the bed we are treated to a slow pan of Alix’s body face down. Let me just say that this girl has the tightest, sweetest sexiest body around, and this shot alone is worth a million words. But I digress. In comes Lyra as Superrgirl. Now they have both been stripped previously so but that starting bud. With the exception of their red super heroine boots. They say on the whole time and really make a super heroine and boot lovers dream come true.. Lyra starts playing with the unconscious Alix. The breaks out the hitachi and moves it to her clit. This arouses Alix to no end. She slowly wakes up to moaning and groaning as Lyra licks, finger, rub, and hitchi’s the shit out of Alix’s clit. All this is too much for our super heroine so she cums in an explosive orgasm. Once Alix is fully awake, the girls then engage in mutual pleasure. Deep kissing, fingering, trimming, rubbing, licking and when Alix pulls out her Hitachi, it’s a double hitachi fight to the orgasm finish. Each girl gives the other orgasms from the from back side, every which way but loose. These cum fits are very REAL. Finally they lay back on the bed and with legs spread to the camera, they give each other one final orgasm and cum together. Lyra is no doubt a sexual animal who LOVES girls in real life, and it shows. Alix is the blonde beach bunny beauty who takes her licks, and give some in return. Alix Lynx, Lyra Louvel, two fresh young gorgeous girls who love to please one another. If you like hitachi orgasms and two spectacular looking girls, giving it good to each other, this is the one!


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