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Alix Lynx and Summer Day are hot hot blondes and ready to get it on – but there are rules for this sex fight: twenty minute time limit, the first to get five orgasms wins and only sexual tactics allowed – also the winner gets to have her way with the loser. Get ready because here come the orgasms and we will finally see if blondes really do have more fun. They start of on their knees with their chests pressed tight smashing their breasts till they meld together, then deep kissing to warm up, wet tongues swimming and sinking deep. Soon we are rolling on the floor till one girl gets in position to use her tongue on her foe’s pussy and that soon tuns into an orgasmic 69 position where both ladies are heading toward the big O. Shattering orgasms are rolling in as each lady takes her turn shaking and screaming with the delight only sex can bring, tribbing has their wet pussies pressed together as they rub and scream. To the couch they fall, Alix is forced over the side as Summer goes after her shaved pussy with both fingers and tongue – then more tribbing on the couch then floor – even putting butt to crotch for more incredible tribbing. Summer’s striking eyes flash as she smiles with delight and Alix’s sleek body curls and shivers with orgasmic delight. Two gorgeous ladies driving each other crazy – blondes really do have more fun !!!!!


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