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We had heard stories about Celeste Star and Alyssa Reese, could they be true? Not only are they true but very understated, yes, when they said these two could really get it on – well these ladies went far beyond all expectations. I must confess this is one of my all time favorites, when do you get to see two hot firm young bodies so attracted to each other. It’s a contest to see who can make the other girl come the most, now these ladies can both get rough so even though it’s on the bed they get some real wild rolling in, they wrestle to try to get their victim in a position where they can force their wet tongues up the sides of their vaginas, then thrust it deep inside the now wet pussies – once this positions is secured the fireworks begin because these girls know the sweet spots on each other, they attack with the ferocity of a starving man till they achieve that body shaking destination, ORGASM. So many times and in so many positions each of these sleek beauties gets the dominant position, fingers and crotches slam just hard enough, tongues go just deep enough, and kisses get just wet enough to force her foe to that sweet destination. Believe me when I tell you there is absolutely no faking here, these are super intense ORGASMS – everyone is a winner here, they roll hard and ORGASM even harder – so much so they need to take it to take a shower in the end and of course we follow, their sweaty naked bodies let the water fall over them as they try to control their shaky legs after one of the most intense sessions we have ever seen !!!!!!!


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