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32 Min/730 MB

Alyssa Reese and Karlie Montana, not just hot bodies but hot blood and when they have a sex fight it’s just plain hot ! They get wild wrestling, two of the greatest butts ever and when they collide it’s just heaven. Fabulous scissors as their muscular legs flex for destruction and their round firm rears rub into each others crotches, little by little after about ten minutes they start tribbing and this gets them both so hot they soon have all their clothes off – nipples get sucked till they protrude with excitement, hands rub wildly as the wrestling continues and gets even hotter – BECAUSE, out come the vibrators. Yes, the loser and the winner both get something as with each control or submission sex gets hot, orgasms come easy and wild to these ladies as they get wet with joy and touching, firm and hard go the toys as they spread their gorgeous legs wide and apply pressure to the undulating pleasure objects that get pressed to their dripping throbbing vaginas. Fabulous bodies, fun wrestling and wild sex with body shaking orgasms – what more could you ask for?!?!?!!


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