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Buckle up, the second half of this fabulous video is upon us, when last we left Ariel X was in big trouble, that’s right Abigail Mac has turned the tables on the strong one and oh does Abby enjoys her revenge as she uses some great wrestling holds to control her victim while she forces sex upon her; scissors are great for forced fingering, camel clutch is great for breast seducing, a school girl pin is perfect for crotch playing and let us not forget the matchbook which is just right for deep penetrations with both tongue and fingers – this is just too much fun for Abby – but wait – you guessed it, she enjoys her revenge too much and X takes advantage. Now Ariel takes over with a real vengeance and those wrestling holds are used to show poor Abby who is the real sexual boss here, and of course to do that she needs to strap it on, and with that strap on dildo X becomes a new person, one you really don’t want to fuck with – or do you – Abby is about to find out. First she uses a bizarre complicated leg lock to control her victim and start her sexual control and after that she brands her by writing on her ass as to who is the boss. Now the fun really starts as X uses so many amazing ways to use that dido on poor Abby, my favorite is when X has Abby hold it in her mouth as X gets on all fours and Abby has to jam it in doggy style – just one of may tactics X uses to show her supreme control. So Buckle up because the second half is just as wild as the first – hell, even more extreme !!!!!


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