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Are you ready, you better be because Ariel X is ready, she even gives the camera man hell for being late, because she is so eager to spring her trap on her foes at Rough Riders. She sets it up so Abigail Mac thinks there will be many girls there to help her demolish X – well think again because it’s only X against Abby in what is now a very lonely ring for poor Ms. Mac. The sexy brunette is shaken by the sudden attack but fights valiantly, Abby gets her time on top and takes some of the clothes off X but soon the strength of Ariel comes through and the domination begins. X wants to obliterate Abby with both wrestling and sex, she bends her into a pretzel so she can plunge her fingers deep into that vulnerable pussy, with every position she forces her sex on her or forces her to have sex with her. As she has her in a grapevine she forces deep kissing, with a head scissors she forces oral sex, X stands and by the hair she yanks poor Abby into her sweet pussy and forces some deep oral sex, rubbing her face across her slippery crotch – the angles on this will have you ecstatic as from below we look up at the powerful X and hear and feel every slurp from Abby. If that wasn’t enough she turns around and now pulls that pretty face deep into her ass, and when I say deep I mean you will lose half her face up that stunning butt. And then she gets out the dildo, again using her wrestling to place Abby’s gorgeous body into positions that allow her to go deep with this pussy projectile. Get ready because X is more than ready for some mind-blowing sexual wrestling devastation !!!!!


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