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The Necklace Battle Finale

What can you say? The first part was popular as can be and in part 2 we pick up with maximum intensity from two girls who know how to bring it! Celeste Star and Ariel X continue the ongoing brawl and it’s action from start to finish. Opening with Celeste in a rear naked choke, being controlled by Ariel with a body scissors and leg spread Celeste is being dominated and her beautiful body is on full display. Combining sexual maneuvers with wrestling techniques, the crafty Ariel reach over Celeste’s body and start to finger her. Some nice action here as both battlers start to worship each others feet, tangle limbs, finger, touch, and grab as the match get more and more heated. Soon both girls make it to their feet and we are treated to some hot hot deep kissing and fingering. Ariel exploring Celeste’s body sensually and roughly. It looks like Ariel is going to steamroll Celeste with her superior wrestling and sexual attacks. But don’t count Celeste out! This girl is a scrappy wrestler and a sexual dynamo that Ariel can’t resist. The girls begin to pleasure each other with their tongues in a 69 position. Great close ups put YOU right in the thick of it. Now watch the orgasms fly as Ariel licks Celeste while Celeste finger fucks Ariel to the max. Loud convulsing orgasms abound and the battle rages on. Now for a welcome surprise. The two grab dildos and after sucking them to lube up, they pleasure each other with them. Celeste and Ariel know each other well and know how to get the other to succumb to a screaming orgasm. But wait, it’s not over with the sex toys as a double headed dildo is brought out and used to perfection by the sexy duo. Ass to ass they go as the double dildo is literally buried in their pussies!! Slamming each other like theres no tomorrow they move into some hot as hell tribbing with the double dildo still buried in them. This is truly a site to behold as they grind, trib, and fuck to exhaustion. This one has it all. Great wrestling, great fucking, foot worship, tribbing, toys, and amazing competitive sex fighting. Celeste Star, Ariel X, like you’ve never seen them before. This one is a must!


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