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Once And For All

This is the culmination of the necklace battle between two of the hottest performers in the biz. Celeste Star, dressed in white, against the strong powerful Ariel X in black. The girls decide to end this necklace controversy with the mother of all sex fight battles. Waiting on Holly Heart, Celeste is on the couch looking sexy as ever in her white dress and white heels. But, instead of Holly coming in, her main nemesis, Ariel X comes in to make sure Celeste pays the price. The girls start off with some deep kissing to warm up. Hands start to grope the other under and above the dresses. They start to heat up sexually as both hotties grind their pussies on each others legs and bodies. We have to say that throughput this match are many instances of the most aggressive and erotic tribbing you’re going to see. Celeste puts her long long legs in the air as Ariel grinds her pussy on Celeste’s. The dresses soon come of as the girls lock up in a grinding effort to make the other cum first. That;’s right, it’s an orgasm challenge and both are not going to take a loss on this one. Fingering, pussy licking, foot licking and more. Xtreme close ups of the girls pussies during the trib action puts YOU right there! There is also excellent wrestling action on display as scissors squeeze tightly on one, as she fondles, fingers and, all out, sexes the other up. Back and forth we go as it’s clear that Celeste is going to play rough. Ariel responds with camel clutches, hair pulling, and wrestling holds designed to keep her victim immobilized while she forces orgasm after orgasm out of the beautiful Celeste. Two hot as fuck girls wrestling and sexing each other up in an orgasm battle of all battles.


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