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The Ultimate Reward

You all know these two have had more than their share of epic battles throughout the years. In the first battle for Xtreme Female Fighting, the two battled in a sex wrestling contest of who could make the other cum the most with no time limit. That is, until one wrestler could just not cum anymore! We don’t want to give away any spoilers from the first fight, but in the second part, the winner gets to make the loser pleasure her in every way possible she can feel and think of. Let me say, there were many many REAL orgasms to be had by the winner. These two know each other so well, yet have never fought in a match quite like this They definitely know all the right buttons to push for multiple orgasms. The reward match was truly something to behold as one girl forced the other to make her cum and cum again. Starting with her vanquished for in the living room, the winner drags the other girl into the bedroom for pleasure a plenty. This was done rough, sensual, acrobatic, with deep deep kissing while forcing orgasms out of the other. Warming up with some deep fingering, ALL the hot sex fighting tactics are used, and some you won’t even expect cumming! Pacesetting to the max, 69, tribbing, deep deep fingering, pussy licking, all shot with the beautiful Xtreme close ups you’ve all come to expect from us. The girls got so into each other in this genre, even the loser got in a few orgasms herself. I guess she just couldn’t help herself. We were honored to have the famous Ariel X and Dee Williams compete in what became the sex fight of the decade. Once again, these two have never competed in this type of match. So glue yourself to this video, and enjoy the fireworks that exploded out part 2! If you bought the first match, you know what we’re talking about! Fireworks a plenty!!


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