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Ok it’s been a long time since we put up a new match but let me tell you this one is well worth the wait! Ariel X has met her match when it comes to sex and that is really saying something, the beautiful Dee Williams is out to prove she can out sex the amazing X, Dee is a voluptuous blonde with some of the most huggable breasts in the business. A mattress is set up in the living room so two of the wildest women in the business can throw each other around like two sex starved warriors, they truly seem sex starved the way they devour each other – you may think I’m kidding but they literally eat each other up. They attack pussies with fingers and tongues, but this is no timid attack no these ladies attack while being choked with hands and legs – nothing can stop their orgasms. And what orgasms they are, body shaking, eyes in the back of the head orgasms, and more amazing positions than you have ever seen. Now you all know Ariel but Dee Williams is a real wonder, she is also know as Darling and a darling she is – so much sexual energy you will be stunned and when she gets rocking especially in the wild tribbing her breasts shake and shimmer in rhythm with the moans and groans, you will be entranced. Sixty-nines are amazing, like you have never seen – this sex goes on for almost an hour and it is non stop so we have divided it into two thirty minute segments and both are incredible. So yes, you waited a long time but YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED !!!!!!


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