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51 Min/1.1 GB has the great tiger matches and now the same producer is ramrodding a whole new series of very sexually explicit videos, the first of this series has Ariel X going up against Karlie Montana, oh and do these two get down into it with their tough wrestling and even tougher sex. Ariel is angry that she doesn’t have an opponent when Karlie attacks her because they are in different gangs, Karlie is part of the Rough Riders and Ariel is on the X team and they are both out to prove who is the best. Wild is the fighting as both of them get stripped and each takes her turn ramming fingers and tongues into wet pussies, they bend each other over so access is more sexually viable. Then Ariel takes over and oh does she go after sweet Karlie, at one time she sits on Karlie’s face making her orally pleasure her while she pulls her legs up and puts her finger deep in Karlie’s juicy center. Next comes the bedroom and that strap-on, and if you have never seen Ariel with a strap-on than you have never seen it used to it’s full extent, slam from the side, missionary and her favorite doggie – sex they both end up getting off on. Are we done, oh no – not till Ariel takes her to the shower !! Beautiful sexy bodies with almost an hour of wild sex driven fighting and many more fabulous match ups to come – enjoy, this one is HOT !!!!!


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