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Fire, Fucking, & Wrestling Fury – Part 2!

That’s right we have the continued part of this ultimate xtreme match with Ariel X and Nikki Delano, from the reaction of the first one this is none too soon, yes the first part of this match was a huge success and no wonder as these two beauties put up one hell of a battle. The second part continues with Ariel strapping on her trusty strap-on and using the huge dick to penetrate our petite warrior, so hard to jam that big cock in this compact babe but X manages to slam it in with multiple positions; missionary, with legs spread wide and of course the famed doggy style where she violently slams on Nikki’s amazing rock hard ass. Ariel is really on a tear, she throws the blonde across the ring and picks her up high in several body bending lifts. Then to more fingering and fucking as she chokes and smothers, she is so caught up in her wild frenzy that she allows the game blonde to escape with a paralyzing bite – now it’s her turn to destroy the destroyer with a savage head scissors that allows her to go after X’s vulnerable pussy. This only has us about half way and both of these sex fighters have a lot more in store for each other, so get ready because this is an ultimate xtreme adventure featuring two gorgeous sex soldiers !!!!!


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