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Fire, Fucking, & Wrestling Fury

This is truly one for the record books!! The first time ever, these two have met each other in the ring, or anywhere else for that matter. We at Xtreme Female Fighting are committed to bring you the best wrestling and sex action around, and this title is a HOME RUN! The quickness and feistiness of beautiful blonde Nikki Delano, pitted against the fire, power, and fury of Ariel X. You’d think we led a lamb to slaughter, and at first it seems that way. But Nikki Delano put up an intense sex wrestling fight against the veteran Ariel X. The ladies waste no time in this action packed brawl, as they run at each other and clash hard in the center of the ring. As expected, Ariel takes control with expert pro style moves. Flipping the blonde in an snap mare, she takes control first on the ground, then in the air. Poor Nikki didn’t realize what she got herself into as Ariel scissors, squeezes, twists and bends the poor submissive blonde all around the ring. The master of disaster takes to the air with pro style backbreakers, torture racks, slams and more, all the while sexing Nikki up with fingering, licking, intense TRIBBING as the blonde doesn’t know which way to turn. Ariel is all over her in every pro wrestling and sexual way possible. Now here’s what we didn’t expect, Nikki gets mad. She finds a weakness in Ariel’s assault by biting her ankle – HARD! Ariel screams and backs away as Nikki sees her only chance to win. Nikki is a fireball and gives all she can as she scissors, fingers, face sits and sexes up her foe. Nikki truly earned the nickname Nikki Del-ankle biter! Ariel is caught off guard and Nikki gets her turn to beat some ass! Back and forth the action goes. Nikki gets her “licks” in, gaining control, and Ariel’s power takes control right back. It’s obvious it’s an uphill battle for poor Nikki, but what a fight she gives Ariel. Pro wrestling, sex wrestling, tribbing, fingering, face sitting, high energy impact moves, two of the hottest and most aggressive girls in the Xtreme Ring. We’ve wanted to work with Nikki Delano for quite some time, and she does not disappoint! This match has it all. A definite 5 star “must buy” for anyone. Nikki Delano and Ariel X in Fire, Fucking & Wresting Fury!


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