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Not so much sex in this episode as the girls are getting down to fighting, an angry Summer Cummings comes in wearing her mini t-shirt and pajama bottoms, and wants to continue their talk from the bedroom but Ariella Ferrera is having none of it as she strains to ignore her while watching TV. Ariella, also dressed in the sexy t-shirts is soon breast to beast with Summer as they fight over the remote – t-shirt is ripped off and we soon have bare breasts banging into each other, that lucky remote is wedged in the canyon between those mountains of breast flesh. You guessed it, this turns into one big breast banging battle where they bear hug and bash that luscious breast flesh, but these two can’t contain their sexual desires, once nude and rubbing against each other Ariella spits between their breasts for some serious lubrication – getting really turned on now they push each other into the glass door for some of those sexy squished flesh looks as both butts and breasts gets pressed into the glass while the girls pleasure themselves with rubbing, stroking and kissing. Then of course it’s back to more breast destruction as they so love to stroke, bang, kiss, lick, and gouge those large magnificent mounds – so it’s not so much sex but if you like your big busted babes battling breasts, then this is the one for you !!!!!


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