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The busty beauties are taking it to the Xtreme in this second part so get ready for lots more breast battles and wild sex. These ladies love the ring and the freedom it gives them to wield their fulsome figures about, they start this part with a savage tit attack, they smack that busty chest flesh back and forth, the breasts strike with wild abandon. Finally they go to the mat for more uninhibited action, they roll over each other always looking for those fleshy breasts and when they find them they either suck, bite, rub, slap, or gouge, then move to a sexual attack – with tongues they go after wet pussies till you can hear the sucking of their juices and finally they clamp their now wet pussies together as a tribbing we shall go, slowly they grind but as they get over sexed the grinding gets harder and faster – each lady now so turned on she grabs her own breasts or ass to bring the stimulation to that ultimate climax. Climax after climax, one gets taken from behind and we get a great look at that beautiful robust ass as her foe penetrates with her tongue, then back to more rolling and breast pleasure and of course more amazing tribbing. A breast and tribb feast that shows off the best of these busty babes, such beautiful ladies and so determined to fight for their pleasure – you loved the first one so get ready for lots more of the same !!!!!


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