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Capri Cavanni and Emily Addison with full on sex, need we say more. Ok so there isn’t a lot of wrestling, but it’s EMILY AND CAPRI ! They start out nude in the living room with some deep kissing to get in the mood, then it’s to the mat they go as each rolls to get in position to pleasure the other. Wow, are these girls hot, the wet tongues in the mouth turn into wet fingers that go deep into their wet vaginas, then come the tongues that also go deep for pleasure. So many wild rolls as they wiggle into positions to please themselves, then please their partner – their fabulous bodies roll over each other as they take turns sending each other to ecstasy, then they find ecstasy together. Wow, you would think this would be enough but they decide to take it to the bedroom where they can really satisfy their desires — more of everything they have already done only more intense – they need more they want a really super orgasm to finish this ultimate sexual romp – a double dildo is inserted into each girl as they slam together, deeper and deeper it goes, harder and harder, wetter and wetter – they grab hold of each other as they are on the brink – harder, faster, wetter — the big one — ORGASM !!! — So there isn’t a lot of wrestling, but it’s Capri and Emily and Emily is not wrestling anymore so you better get her while you can — because it’s CAPRI AND EMILY !!!!!!!


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