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Ok, ok – I heard you! Yes for all of those that have been anxiously awaiting this continuation, it is here! The first part of Adriana Sephora vs Celeste Star was such a hit that there has been a huge clamoring for it to continue – boy does it continue. In the first part they got so sexy with their lingerie on but now the clothes come off and they really get down to the sex business, they will do what ever it takes to make the other orgasm and what it takes are dildos – yes lots and lots of dildos inserted into their wet pussies. Adriana has Celeste folded over in a match book and slides a glass dick in while she licks her clit, then she puts a double headed dildo in while she sucks the other end – does this ever get Celeste hot. Celeste slides a vibrator along the length of the blonde’s amazing shaved pussy and then right up to where it can give a little shake in her perfect ass. They are just getting going as Celeste finds a unique angle from underneath Adriana to slam a big dick in, over and over she jams it as the blonde screams with delight. We even get some dual vibrator masturbation on the couch as both of their splendid bodies are splayed on the couch but the best and i do mean the greatest is when they go butt to butt on all fours – they slide a double headed dildo into each soaked vagina and then start slammin’ those beautiful asses together – a real thing of beauty as with each powerful slam comes a thrust into the pleasure zone. Their butts actually ripple as the butt banging gets harder and harder, the pleasure gets more and more – harder, more pleasure, harder, more, more, more –

This is a continuation that takes it all the way with two sexual dynamos, and I do mean all the way !!!!!!

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