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Cum Hard My Lovely

In this amazing match up, we had a special sponsor let Celeste pick her own opponent in a “who can make the other cum the most” challenge. We all know the incredible Celeste Star will choose a girl she loves to fuck and knows she can make cum, so we were waiting with baited breath as to who she would choose. To our delight she challenges the unbelievable Brazilian blonde beauty Adriana Sephora. We had not worked with Adriana before so we really wanted to see what was to unfold. Coming in from a shopping trip we see scrumptious Celeste in a black mini and stunning Adriana in a white mini. Both girls have legs for days and are on full display in the opening scene. They decide to engage in a wrestling and sex match where the one who can make the other cum hardest and quickest wins. Sit back and get ready for a treat guys because these girls fight and fuck the living shit out of each other. Even the talk between them is leading up to the sexual explosion to cum. Starting with deep deep kissing the girls move into a combination of wrestling and sex fighting. We will say that this match is a trib fans dream. Long legs wrap around gorgeous tight bodies as perfect pussies grind and slam into each other in various creative trib positions. Beautifully shot tight close ups are here as we witness the perfection of Celeste and Adriana’s tight pussies.. These two are friends in real life so we know we are in for chemistry city and the orgasms fly. Grinding combined with fingering, oral, 60, face sitting, and every sexual position, both rough and sensual abound. Moaning, groaning, screaming orgasms are all here as each girl gets more and more aggressive trying to make the other cum. Ass slapping, biting, choking, and wrestling on display and you won’t want to take your eyes off the screen. The level reaches a fever pitch as both beauties compete in a must have match. Real orgasms, real competition, from two of the hottest and most perfect bodies around. Celeste Star brought in Adriana Sephora, but did she bite off more than she could chew? Get this title of trib, wrestling and sexual prowess and you’ll delight in the result. Adriana is quite a find. Combine her with one of our best sexual competitors Celeste, and the sparks FLY!!

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