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REVENGE TIME – that’s right as you remember in their last meeting Celeste hypnotized poor Ariel and had her do so many degrading things – and then had the gaul to send it out to all the people they know – not only did she force her to do sexual acts but she made her look really bad wrestling. But now it’s time for revenge, X is no longer hypnotized and she has come for some pay back, and no one does revenge like Ariel. Celeste soon knows she’s in trouble when X starts throwing her around the room with all kinds of tortuous holds, the best is when she gets the brunette in an amazing arm bar where Celeste is on the couch and Ariel is on the floor pulling on her arm, she even throws Celeste over her shoulder like a sack of potatoes several times – in general she WOMAN HANDLES her. Finally she chokes her out and carries her to the bedroom where she strips her and begins her sexual revenge. Oh and what beautiful revenge it is, she gets out her magic glass dildo and when this piece of art is thrust into Celsete’s wet pussy it is a sight to behold, and we are lucky because we get to behold it up close and very personal. This is only the beginning of the sex as X decides to slam her pussy on Celeste’s pretty face and make her use her tongue for sustained gratification, harder and harder she rides that pretty face till over and over she comes. Now the glass gets inserted in X’s anxious pussy as the orgasms just keep on coming – add in some great tribbing and some doggy style fun and we have some fabulous revenge sex. Celeste may think twice before hypnotizing X again, I’m not sure which is better, seeing Ariel getting controlled or seeing her revenge – hell, both are super fabulous !!!!!


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