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Celeste Star’s Superheroine Hypno School

Well fans, we’ve unearthed a treasure. The beautiful, sexy and sultry Celeste Star hasn’t done a hardcore girl girl scene in over a year. We found an amazing title in our vaults, and it’s apparent why she’s such a fan favorite. We start off with Celeste in a black and white super heroine outfit with black boots. Ariel is in a Wonder Woman outfit that hugs her body like nothing else. Two superstars, 2 hot as hell girls in one title. We start at Celeste Star’s Superheroine Hypno School where the teacher really does a hypnotic number on Ariel. Once under, we revel in Celeste’s sexy low voice forcing Ariel to strip. She commands Ariel to kiss her whole body, starting at her boots. Soft touching, kissing, stripping take place as Celeste then commands Ariel to strip her. Wow! Celeste’s body is a work of art as her super heroine clothes come off. Then, guess, what? Yep, then comes the sex, and hot sex it is! Ariel goes to town, eating Celeste’s pussy. Licking, sucking, as Celeste gets wet wet wet! Xtreme close ups are a feast for the eyes as Ariel feasts on Celeste. She explodes in an orgasm and then can’t control herself as she commands Ariel to stand over her as she eats Ariel’s luscious pussy and ass.Celeste is playing the hypnotized Arel X link a grand piano as the duo get into more sex positions and each girl cums big time. Celeste then thinks Ariel is waking up, so more hypo is in store for Ariel. The two then engage in wrestling as tribbing, schoolboy pins, pussy pounding explodes all over the living room. It’s all Celeste as Ariel is helplessly hypnotized and succumbs to Celeste’s will. At one point Celeste gets Ariel in a side head scissors and does a combination of squeezing and forcing Ariel’s face into her crotch. You can bet there is sex all over this wrestling section as Celeste is dominating Ariel, and Ariel being dominated is not something you see very often. For all of you who have been clamoring for Celeste Star, (and that includes us), this is the one for you! Forced stripping, hypno, super heroines, tribbing, eating, licking, ass play, wrestling, Xtreme close ups -.it’s all here!


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