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She Who Takes The Tiara Crown

This is it fans! The epic conclusion to the Tiara Championship! Recently vacated by Abigail Mac, the decision was made to let the incredible pair of blonde beauties battle it out for the Crown. This week we give you the the second part of a one two punch between Cherie DeVille and her nemesis Aaliyah Love. This is one for the record books as these two tear into each other physically, verbally, AND SEXUALLY! We open with Aaliyah beckoning the camera for a closeup view of the knocked out Cherie, legs spread wide open with her perfect pussy on display for all to see! Waking up the subdued beauty, Aaliyah pins Cherie down trapping her arms against her sides. Cherie is helpless and in shock as she can’t believe the newbie challenger is taking charge! Aaliyah chokes and taunts Cherie and adds some nipple twisting and tit pounding to further weaken her. Then Aaliyah decides to teach Cherie a wrestling lesson as she systematically takes her apart with arm bars, surfboard stretches, and other maneuvers of mayhem. Cherie’s looks of pain and desperation are priceless! Aaliyah switches up to more forced orgasm sexual fingering, and licking as Cherie has one of the most intense orgasms we’ve seen!! Screaming, arching, eye rolling, twitching, shaking, until she can’t take anymore and collapses in pleasure. Score one more orgasm for Aaliyah as it seems the crown is getting further and further away from Cherie’s grasp. But don’t count Cherie out yet! Jumping up she gives it right back to Aaliyah, beating her and forcing her to the couch. The sex fight continues and it’s anybodies game now. Cherie bends Aaliyah over the arm of the couch forcing her body to contort in ways that put Aaliyah’s perfect body on full stretching display. Choking, tit mauling, spanking, Aaliyah is subjected to cruel cruel torture. Cherie begins to finger, spank, and lick Aaliyah before throwing her down to the ground and choking her with her own bikini top in a camel clutch position. Cat balling with perfect views of two perfect asses and the fight heats up intensely. Sneaky Cherie even pulls out a hidden vibrator and begins to give Aaliyah an ass up, earth shattering orgasm. This one really has it all. Two beautiful blondes fighting it out for our Tiara Championship. An amazing video where one beauty wins the title, and the loser screams for a rematch. Fighting, wrestling, girl girl sex, violent shaking orgasms. Who could ask for anything more! The Tiara Championship series continues!!


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