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Everyone that saw the first one of this wet and wild matchup was very impressed, so now get ready to take it to the limit because Francesca Le and Cherie Deville are adding even more water and oil, and lots more sex as they really let those tongues and finger go deep, as for the fighting – well that stays about the same because they couldn’t get much more ferocious than that first one – except maybe when Fran has Cherie splayed on the ropes and savagely smacks her pussy. The face sits are amazing, these ladies really plant those pretty faces and force that butt crack to swallow that nose, and the scissors are to die for – this time there are two different outfits, first with skirts, tanks tops, grater belts and stocking – second section with sexy one pieces. Each time they oil up, water down then attack with the fervor of women fighting over a guy and boy do they get wild, the hits are savage and the sex is more explicit but always back to the water as they drench each other constantly and it looks so great sliding over their oiled bodies. Each time they end up in just stockings as they really attack for sex, non stop action unless they are oiling up or soaking down – amazing fighting, action spiced with erotic sex filled with tribbing butt to butt or pussies orgasming as they slide over slippery breasts, and some of the best oral sex but always back to the fighting as these wild cats won’t quit going after each other with holds and hits aimed at annihilation. The ring gets soaked, the women get soaked, and you will feel drenched after watching this amazing video because this is the best of sexy action, fighting and sex – ENJOY !!!!!


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