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Two of our favorite ladies in the ring fighting over a guy, yes it’s Francesca Lé and Cherie Deville in long tight dresses. Lucky for us they decide to fight the way their guy likes it; wet and oily – how hot is it to see these super bodies glisten and if that wasn’t enough they get really wild in the fight. After they soak each other in oil and water we have a crushing bear hug, then to the corner as Cherie pounds on Fran’s tits, oh you want to pound on tits – Fran takes Cherie down so she can really pound on her soft plump breasts. Now it’s Cherie’s turn as she chokes Fran and spanks her pussy at the same time, from ropes to corner they throw each other around, all the time pounding on breasts, crotches and choking, also adding more water to their shinning bodies. In the corner one strings the other up in the ropes then masturbates, she then oils up her foe and strokes her pussy to orgasm, all while keeping her splayed on the ropes. To the canvas, off come the dresses, more water, more savage holds with chokes, and scissors around their glowing bodies, then a face sit that really smothers. Wild wet hair pulling, tribbing with their now very wet pussies and my favorite, when one beauty rubs her pussy on the others slippery shinny breasts, rub rub long and hard as she feels those nipples on her clit, finally to orgasm on her victim. Oh damn, I do love a good fight, and this is a great fight with killer holds and blows on their wet oily bodies as they work ever so hard to get near a sex position where they can force or allow an orgasm. Fabulous wet wild action with some hot sex sprinkled in, and with two of the hottest women in the business, couldn’t get much better !!!!!


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