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50 MIN/1.18 GB/FULL HD

Pro Sex Wrestling Domination At It’s Finest

I don’t even know where to begin on this one. This could be the most brutal, the most sexual, the most dominating pro style sex match Xtreme has ever seen. Take Christie Stevens, blonde, beautiful, athletic, the perfect damsel in distress. Pit her against the most skilled, most dominant, and all around incredible bad girl villain Arlel X, and what you are about to witness is a jobber vs. heel match for the ages. Taking place in the ring, you have the perfect backdrop for this pro wrestling sexual beatdown. They meet in the middle of the ring. Christie in her sexy purple bra and panties, Ariel in a short black mini dress. Slowly and ever so seductively they script down and begin the battle nude. We use the term “battle” loosely. What this is, is a complete and utter damsel in distress pro style beatdown with ALL the moves. Leave it to Ariel to come up with new and inventive ways to torture poor blonde Christie. Camel clutches utilizing hair pulling. tit mauling, and hand over mouth smothering to bring Christies head up at painful angles, HARD corner belly blows, choking, vicious body slams, tight tight bearhugs smashing Christies delectable melons, more pussy and tit mauling, knees to the pussy, tight in close head and body scissors that crush poor Christie. Ariel seems pleased with herself as a smile comes across her face overtime she traps Christie in a pro style hold. The vicious Ariel sometimes applies the pressure slowly so as to drain Christie of her energy before tightening more to bring out screams of pain from the blonde bombshell. Truly Christie is put through the ringer as she literally begs and pleads for her life. There’s so much more!! Extended torture racks, leg splits in the corner with blows to the pussy, PILEDRIVERS galore, back stretches, over the knee to torture Christie’s back some more. Christie is a broken girl and THEN – THE DOMINATION STRAP ON FUCKING BEGINS!! First Christie is forced to suck the strap on as Ariel gets it ready for action. Get ready to witness the most brutal fucking of a blonde beauty ever in the Xtreme arena. Missionary, doggie style, piledriver pounding. Ariel even chokes Christie with her own hair while fucking the shit out of her from behind. Ariel facesits Christie forcing her to eat the muscular villain’s pussy!. Throwing Christie out of the ring, Ariel has more viciousness in store for her now humiliated slave. We have to hand it to Christie for taking some ritual punisHOT MATCHESent in this one. The cherry on top of ALL THIS ACTION is the running time is approximately 50 MINUTES! YES, 50 MINUTES of non stop pro style beatdown and rough tough fucking, all for only $39.95. We can’t say enough about this one. Download it now. You WILL LOVE IT!


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