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50 Min/1.02GB

Christina Carter Fucks Angela Sommers

What other title can you come up with for this? Take two of the hottest girls in the fetish sex business and throw them together in a sexfight over a man, and you’ve got an force of nature explosion. We start with Christina in the living room when her challenger arrives. The hot as hell Angela Sommers steps in to take away Christina’s championship and Christina isn’t having it!! She takes it up a notch and brings it to the beautiful blonde with sexy, sensual wrestling holds. Scissors, chokes, camel clutches, facesitting, are all on display here. You can tell Christina is getting horny as hell, but wait… this is a best of three match and Angela begins to get her “licks” in… LITERALLY!! The winner claims her victory by taking the other into the bedroom and violates the other with uninhibited sexual abandon. Angela is ravaged and pretty much raped when Christina pulls out her trusty strap-on. Soon Angela is forced to lick Christina;’s pussy AND ass!! Carter vs. Sommers! Blonde vs brunette! Two of the most popular stars in fetish go at it. You gotta see this one!


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