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67 Min/1.35 GB

Two Legends Collide

This one runs OVER an hour so sit back and enjoy the sexual explosion. We’ve got em!! Darla Crane, a legend in the biz, the forerunner and inspiration to many of the models you love, in her first Xtreme fight. Her opponent, the fan favorite and legend herself, Christina Carter. We had high hopes of what this sexfight would bring and the girls exceeded our expectations and then some. Let’s just say these girls know what they’re doing and gave it to us in spades. The action starts with a sex wrestling match in the living room. The girls fight for the affections of a man. Best of 3 falls it is as the girls are completely naked good solid wrestling holds combined with fingering, licking, and tribbing take place and the action begins to heat up! Head scissors are applied and faces are yanked up tight into the others pussy. Incredible facesitting, hard headlocks, chinlocks, matchbox pins are all applied as both ladies bodies are on full display. We all know Christina’s wrestling abilities, and we were surprised as Darla gave as good as she got. It was close, but, Christina’s wrestling experience takes 2 of the 3 falls and we all know what happens now….off to the bedroom as the victor takes her prize. What happens next has to be seen to be believed! Christina takes advantage of Darla in every way possible. Aggressively taking from Darla whatever she wants. Forced oral, aggressive tribbing, hard frantic fingering are on display. You can tell has this “I like it, but don’t like it” attitude, but we know she LOVES it! There’s more….then comes the strap on. Christina fucks Darla every which way but loose. Missionary, doggie, reverse cowgirl, and Darla loves every inch of it as she cums and cums. Just when Darla thinks its over there’s more! Christina takes out a mouth gag strap on and affixes it to Darla’s mouth. Now it’s Christina’s turn to cum and cum as she fucks Darla’s face in every position possible. Christina is amazing as she orgasms over and over. The chemistry between these two is second to none! After she finishes with her defeated foe, Darla weakly crawls out of the room. Christina gives her a kick in the ass for good measure. THEN …. we are treated to a solo Christina Carter masturbation scene. Once again, this one runs over an hour and is one hell of a match! A lot of “BANG” for the buck!!


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