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The Mother of All Rematches Part 1

The fans have demanded it and now it’s here. Part one in the hottest rematch of the two hottest super MILFs in the biz, Christina Carter and Reagan Foxx get it on in a sex wrestling match for the record books. The first match saw Christina utilizing her superior wrestling skills to squeak out a 2 falls to 1 victory over Reagan. It was a hard fought match but in the end, Christina grabbed the win and fucked the shit out of Reagan in the bedroom. In fact, it was the first time Reagan took a strap on and Christina was the perfect girl to do it to her. Well, it seems Reagan has sharpened up her wrestling abilities and felt she was ready for a rematch. This has been a highly requested match and the girls really brought it! Christina may have come in a little over confident and Reagan was determined to get some pay back. This is a best of 3 fall match up. The winner of EACH fall fucks the other with a strap on! Christina in a HOT white lace bra and panties lingerie set, Reagan flaming it up in a red set. To see these two match up together is a treat! They could be sisters but there’s no sisterly love here and what transpired was beyond belief! These two have a chemistry and competitiveness that spills off the screen and into your lap!. The two meet up and after some catty trash talking (that continued throughout the match) came together like a hurricane . Great wrestling moves as Christina starts with a headlock on Reagan. Pressing her advantage she slaps on a tight body scissors and follows with a strong camel clutch. The lingerie comes off soon enough and both hotties battle naked through most of this one. It looks like the experience of Christina is getting the better of Reagan, but don’t count The Foxx out just yet. Mixing sexual sex fight moves with traditional wrestling tactics is an amazing blend with these two, as fingering, pussy licking, and deep kissing are used to the delight of us all. Christina takes the first fall with a combination sleeper and fingering holds. As Reagan concedes the first fall Christina makes Reagan taste herself by shoving her fingers in her mouth. This may have been a mistake to humiliate Reagan this way. It only served to make her mad! Count fall number one to Christina as the winner of fall one as she now gets to fuck Reagan for her humiliating defeat with a strap on. Christina gives it to Reagan missionary and doggie style as the trash talking continues. The ladies get set for the next fall and this time it’s Reagan catching Christina off guard and taking it to her twin foe. Reagan has learned a lot of wrestling holds on display but sex is her go to weapon of choice. She proceeds to finger, lick, trib, wrestle and fuck Christina silly! The second fall comes to an end with a HARD REAL sleeper from Reagan and Christina has to give up because she can’t breathe!! Part one ends with one fall a piece. Part 2 will open with Christina getting fucked with the strap on and then the third and final fall. The first match went to Christina decidedly. Who will win the second in this epic matchup? This one really has it all with two gorgeous MILF warriors and tight tight close ups put your right in the action. Christina Carter and Reagan Foxx, shaping up to be one of our legendary Xtreme rivalries.


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