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44 Min/1 GB

The Sexual Dynamo Duel

What do you get when you combine the cream of the crop in both the fetish and porn worlds? A combat and sexual collision that is one for the ages. Christina Carter, with the body of a goddess and a face that can make a man’s heart melt, is here to take on the newcomer for Xtreme, the porn goddess herself, Tanya Tate! It seems both girls are competing for the attention of “Bob” whom Christina has been the reining wrestling queen for. Tanya seeks to shake things up as they not only fight, but eventually decide to take it into the bedroom and continue in a sex fight as well. Well, these girls must be really into Bob because they go at each other with reckless abandon. Hairpulling, facesitting, scissors, camel clutch are all used. Christina pulls Tanya’s face deep into her crotch and grinds away. LOTS of camera shots of both girl’s asses….and when you talking Christina and Tanya Tate, those asses are pure poetry. . Tanya gets her “licks” in too. Especially when it moves to the bedroom. Then you are treated to aggressive sex fighting with fingers, tongues, tribbing, even a strap on is pulled out to further embarrass the vanquished loser as she is forced to suck it. Then she crawls away, embarrassed and defeated. Two smoking hot girls in a smoking hot match.


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