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Their naked young bodies come pussy to pussy, time to see who can make the other orgasm more. Danielle Trixie and Keira Kelly are into a tribbing contest as their naked bodies rub crotches together in multiple positions of orgasmic delight. this is not like the Francesca Jessica tribbing where their hot deep kissing and total passion forced incredible orgasms or the EmilyKarlie where they were able to touch each other just right putting them on a constant state of orgasm ( and by the way they so enjoyed that that they did another one that will be coming out in the months to come), no this one is more of a contest almost fought hard, don’t get me wrong, they hit the right spots and get to that orgasm but it’s almost like it hurts to get to the pleasure – truth is they were both very red and sore when finished and did complain about pain. But for the most part the pleasure overcame the pain as their luscious young bodies slid their wet, juicy pussies from side to side then slammed them in hard for the finale. Grabbing their own breasts, then rubbing and squeezing the supple flesh to heighten pleasure, or grabbing their opponents ass to push her closer to the brink of orgasm. Naked bodies with wet juicy pussies grinding together — another great tribbing match !!!!!!!


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