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Turbo Karera

Eva Karera is in da HOUSE! We’ve been waiting on her and now we have her. She’s exotic, she’s sexy, she’s a sex machine ready to take on our resident sexual animal, Christina Carter. We start with Christina on the couch talking shit about her new challenger Eva Karera. Christina hangs up and begins a bout of stretching to get ready for her rival. The bootylicious Christina Carter we all know and love is on full display here as her body is truly a sight to behold. Soon Eva enters the scene and immediately disrobes. WOW! This girl has the body to give Christina a run for her money. Also, Eva is pretty brilliant at her own brand of shit talking. Her accent is too cute and the venom she spits out is priceless. Add to that a little ass making and we’re off! The wrestling starts and Eva is surprisingly strong. But Christina comes back heavy and both ladies know they are in a fight. Their hot dresses come off quick as nicely executed wrestling holds are on full display. Camel clutches, chokes, crotch grabbing, HARD body scissors, breast smothers by the most bountiful beautiful breasts in the house!. Then the girls start to throw in their own brand of fighting. The sexual kind!! This one is a barnburner on every level. Christina Carter, Eva Karera, two MILFs who know ho to get down and dirty.


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