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Boob Battle of the Bootylicious Babes

We have another for you in the explosive Eva Karera vs. Summer Brielle battle of the goddesses. If you like bootylicious beautiful butts and massive tits on two gorgeous girls (and who doesn’t like that), then this one is a sexual barnburner. Great close ups and perfect camera angles make you feel like you are there with them. Picking it up in the living room, the first shot you see is Summer’s tasty ass as she feels up Eva laying on the carpet. This one picks up part two from the last encounter and the babes are hungry for each other after sex fighting it up in part one. Summer glides on top of Eva and they start to suck on each other tits. Moans and groans of pleasure are heard as the two begin to roll on top of each other in a sensual cat balling battle, pushing their titis together as one tops the other. Boob guys get ready for two stunning veteran performers to turn it ON!! The violent aggression heats up as Eva and Summer bearhug each other smashing their tits together, deep kiss, choke each other, slap and torture each others tits, and then comes the HEAT! Eva sits on Summer’s face as the blonde has no choice but to start to eat Eva’s pussy. Summer isn’t down for the count though as she get’s her aggression and pleasure in by making Eva eat her out. The girls start to compete sexually and aggressively for dominance and all our trib fans will love this! Both sexual and hard tribbing that has to be seen to be believed. These two go at each other with a ferocity that Eva and Summer fans will love! Both get the dominant position and grind and grind to orgasm after orgasm. At one point Summer sits on top of Eva’s pussy and starts to finger herself while tribbing Eva, leading to even more orgasms. This is a wild sex battle at it’s best as both girls groan and the passion builds and builds. I can only describe this as animalistic sex and aggression. These two know each other and have been wanting a match like this for years. We gave it to them and they gave us an orgasm battle plus. Groans and grunts of pleasure fill the room as Eva chokes Summer and forces a pussy rubbing orgasm out of her. All this and the girls are not even done with each other! Eva begins to assert herself taking Summer to the bedroom. Throwing her on the bed roughly she forces Summer to suck her tits violently. Fingering, oral, 69, facesitting, more bearhugs with breasts smashing together. It’s all here and then some! Who will come out on top in this great showdown? When you’ve got Eva Karera and Summer Brielle in a sex fight together, all you can do is sit back and marvel at these two beauties as the sparks and orgasms fly, and fly they DO!


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