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The Bustiest Battle Of Them All

Get ready everybody, for the tit fight of the century!! Two of the most beautiful busty beauties square off against each other in a catfight, wrestling, sex and breast battle. This title is a must for all tit fight fans and delivers! We open with smoking hot Eva Karera and beautiful Summer Brielle in office attire. When we say office attire, we mean tight tops and short skirts. It’s a wonder the two can keep their tits inside the jackets. Actually, they can’t! Complimented by short tight skirts the two begin to look at their daily duties when the bosses voice is heard off camera. Seems he has to go see his divorce attorney and this is the perfect opportunity for the two competitors to grab the prize they’ve been so catty about in recent months. Shit talking and insults fly after he leaves as the two slam their breasts together to see who will win the affections of the newly divorced boss. The argument spills into the hallway as each girl continues to slam their breasts into the others while choking and bear hugging. The fight moves down the hallway and into the living room as the two gorgeous babies are now topless with skirts, pantyhose, heels and garters. The skirts come off just as quickly and now we see Eva and Summer in all their glory. It’s a fight, but truly a boob battle of all time as both girls grab, shake, smash, pinch and grope each others ripe melons. Bear hugs, tit sucking, licking and more smashing ensues as Summer and Eva are truly perfect for this type of match. At this point the two are so hot and heavy for each other they start to suck, fondle, fight and slam tits till they hurt. At one point Summer is slammed up against a glass door and we get an amazing view from the other side of the glass as her beautiful tits are crushed against the glass door. What a great shot we see as Summer is then thrown to the ground and Eva leaves the room to shower off. But wait, we aren’t through yet! We pick it up in the shower as Summer recovers and enters the shower with Eva. Now both girls are completely naked and, start to sex each other up. More tit smashing, more licking, more sucking and french kissing. Eva starts to push her dominance on Summer as she grabs the blonde by the hair and makes her crawl back to the living room for more, you guessed it, tit smashing and sex fighting. At one point Eva wants her bountiful boobs pleasured and she forces Summer to do just that. Summer now takes control as she fingers, licks and completely sexes up Eva. Can Summer make a remarkable comeback? Find out as both ladies go to the floor for some deep erotic 69 and face sitting!! Close up angles put you right there as both dart their tongues in and out of each others perfect pussies. Beautiful asses, legs for days, and more tit sex and fighting than a tit man can handle. Eva Karera, Summer Brielle, blonde vs. brunette, boob smashing battle with a dash of fingering and oral sex that has to be seen!


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