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Another in our great series of split em wide videos, this time the unlucky victim is Goldie Blair, yes this beautiful buxom babe takes her turn at getting her tender juicy center exposed in so may inventive positions, and who best to do this splitting, none other than that master dissector, the one and only; Afrika. Goldie had no idea what she was in for when she entered the ring, Afrika treated her like a rag doll, like a kid with a doll who wanted to see how far she could bend it before it broke, so many times Goldie felt like she was splitting in two – right down the center because that’s where our big beauty concentrated her destruction, yes Goldie’s legs are pulled apart to the extreme exposing her lovely feminine center. The artist Rodin would be so proud as so many glorious views of Goldie’s vagina are on display. I especially enjoyed the upside down carry poses where Goldie’s legs droop over Afrika’s back and her chin is in her crotch, or the many match book views where black beauty is behind the sexy red head, both pulling and widening her curvaceous legs offering us more pain filled views of pleasure. Afrika displays the art of destruction as she annihilates, but her aim is centered on the center, yes, her carnage of the busty beauty always comes back to her sweet vagina. So if you want to see a ravaging with a glorious center than this is surely the one for you – Goldie has never been so crushed, so vulnerable !!!!!!


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