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Beauties in the Bedroom

We have to thank all of you for the fantastic reception part 1 of this sexual battle received. We knew we had to get out part 2 asap, as the fans have demanded it. Here it is folks and we have a hell of a sex fight. The gained smoking steam in the first part and just keeps on rolling. Starting on the bed we are treated to some deep deep DEEP kissing and the girls get going quickly in this round of sex fighting. Goldie and Sandy are 2 pros who just know what to do to make the other orgasm. Orgasm they do as the girls move effortlessly into sexual position after sexual position. Once again, the fight involves trying not to cum, but that’s not going to happen here. Try as they might, both beauties make each other cum and cum and cum. Screams and moans of pleasure echo through the room as Sandy sits atop of Goldie and starts to finger and rub her clit. Goldie know she must do something about this so she buries her face in Sandy’s pussy and starts to lick her beautiful pink pussy. We are once again treated to beautiful natural lighting and crystal clear closeups and body shots. It almost feels like you’re there with them. After an aggressive 69 the girls move to some aggressive and sensual tribbing and grind themselves into ecstasy and mutual orgasms. One fighter lays down the other and goes to work orally on her pussy. From there it’s deep fingering, facesitting with oral pleasure, tribbing, sucking, licking,and all the right moves. When we see Goldie start to show her dominant side she pushes Sandy back and REALLY goes to work on her pussy, violently fingering the hot blonde. You can see the look on Sandy’s face as she’s trying not to cum, but, it’s all in vain to fight it anymore. She cums and cums HARD and both women collapse on the bed. At the end of this orgasmathon they try to continue but after cumming so much they are drained. This one is a great title for Goldie Blair fans and Sandy Fantasy (Vega Vixen) fans. Watching both experts at “work” is a sight to behold. Another cumming contest from Xtreme Female Fighting!!


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