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A Wet and Thirsty Pussy Posse

We have them back once again, this time in the bedroom. The scrumptious and always hot as fuck Celeste Star, the sultry sex machine Ariel X, and to round things out, the hard bodied blonde bombshell Holly Heart. How can you get so much sexy in one room? We did it and then we let them have at it. Celeste Star, dressed in white satin bra and panties with thigh high white stockings and garters, starts to deep kiss with Ariel, clad in the same outfit except in black. Holly brings the girls together and looks absolutely amazing in a red babydoll nightie. Celeste and Ariel are two of the most popular performers in the biz and BOY, do they know what to do to each other! Laying on the bed they continue to deep kiss and move effortlessly into aggressive tribbing. Moans and screams of pleasure are heard. These girls seem to know the hot buttons on each other and push them they do! Ariel takes Celeste’s bra and shoes off and bends over as Celeste does quite a number on Ariel’s ass. Celeste’s tongue darts in and out of Ariel’s ass and pussy driving her wild. Ariel knows she’s being teased and can barley contain herself. Celeste doesn’t let her cum yet so Ariel takes matters into her own hands, literally! Now both are clad in only thigh high stockings and garters. It’s a thing of beauty to watch the two mutually finger and caress each other. Ariel cums first as Celeste pushes her down and eats her pussy like there no tomorrow. Digging her nails into Ariel’s ass she keeps her tongue working, Ariel screams out in orgasmic pleasure. As this is happening we are treated to shots of Holly masturbating to the action. Great pussy close ups are here to enjoy, and a great pussy Holly has! Now the big guns come out. A double headed dildo is brought out and the girls bury that thing inside both of their moist tight pussies. They SLAM together (and I do mean SLAM) as the double dildo is deep deep inside both. A mutual orgasm happened here and it is as explosive as they come. Celeste seems a little spent so Ariel takes the opportunity to bend her over and fuck her doggie style with the dildo, before soon inserting the dildo into herself. Celeste is on the verge of cumming but the wicked Ariel pulls it out of her at the last minute. Celeste cries and pleads for release. Ariel takes pity on the beautiful white stockinged girl and starts over, plunging the dildo in and out and Celeste gets the orgasm she so desperately wanted. We are treated to intermittent shots off Holly masturbating to the two, but Holly can take no more. Celeste retreats to a chair in the room to masturbate while Holly goes down own Ariel. Finally all three girls join in as the devastated Ariel is now dominated by Celeste and Holly. Ariel is pinned to the bed as Holly and Celeste finger, lick, trib, and throw everything but the kitchen sink at her. These three girls are spectacular in their lingerie and to see the sexual abandon that takes place is a treat for all.


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