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Oh how we love these Euro girls and those that have seen them also agree, they love to get nude and wild. Honey Demon takes it one step further, she is one of the meanest roughest girls we have ever used but if you just do as she says she isn’t as bad – she is also one of the sexiest dominators ever, so who is her unlucky or lucky victim, Pamela gets the call and is ready for a fight but soon finds Honey has more than a flight in mind as she has the tall blonde pinned against the ropes while she rubs her crotch, yes Honey wants this to be all about sex and we all know Honey gets what Honey wants. And why wouldn’t she want sex, Pamela is one super sexy blonde, with her striking blonde hair, her lean tall figure and her perfect natural breasts – this is one hot lady. Honey soon has her naked and turned on as she forces the beautiful blonde to indulge her, soon the dominate brunette takes off her own clothes, only skin on skin can satisfy her. They roll in the ring but it’s all for a sensual end, no real fight here. These are two exquisite bodies and watching them touch is music to the eyes and with Honey as the conductor it becomes a symphony of sexual pleasure. At any price these two are a feast for the eyes but at the reduced price this is a must watch – so enjoy a symphony os sensual delights from two of the best bodies in Europe !!!!!!!


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