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X revenge, nothing like X revenge – that’s right when Ariel X gets revenge it’s for keeps. Idelsy Love got her revenge in the first episode of this one but the X is in control now – so back up, bend over and stick it in, that’s the X motto, she starts this one with her strap-on on and it’s ready for action. First she nails poor Ms. Love on the couch, she so enjoys ramming it in as she pulls those black locks forcing that beautiful head back, then it’s to the floor where she forces her foe to clean her wet cock with her mouth. Time for Ariel’s favorite; doggy style, that great ass gets rammed hard as the blue dick goes all the way in, out in, out in, so much fun to watch. What’s this, a camel clutch, this is no ordinary clutch because that dick is sliding down Idelsy’s crack as Ariel does her her best to keep it in, amazing. Ariel has a lot more tricks up her harness, she keeps Idelsy wet so she can always go back to ramming in her hard cock, then have Idelsy clean it with her tongue. Eventually X has to take it off so she can be orally gratified, Idelsy’s wet tongue is put to work – but we still aren’t finished, no, now Ariel takes her girl to the shower and the sex continues. Wet and wild, water mixes with sex juices as Ariel gets her revenge – wet, juicy, hot – there is nothing like X’s revenge !!!!!


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