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Oily wild sex, oh do we love oily wild sex – in the first part of this sensual match we find Lyra Law driving Idelsy Love crazy with her amazing erotic antics, she has the quickest tongue in the west and the brunette is loving every inch of it. The oil keeps their young bodies sliding across each other so they can maneuver into hot sexual positions like 69s and tribbsing. Idelsy gets so hot she has to return the favor and now it’s her tongue and fingers inside the sleek blonde – Lyra is getting sexed up and when she gets like this she really lets lose, so add a little oil and this human sex salad is complete. Now the girls decide to take their sex out into the beautiful California sunshine, to the hot tub we go, now their tight little bodies can really glisten, some deep kissing and the girls are back in the mood for more tantalizing sex – Idelsy is put up on the side so Blondie can go down on her and work more of her magic, Idelsy quivers as another orgasm captures her whole body, this lady does love her sex and she’s in luck because Lyra loves nothing more than giving women orgasms, and some of the amazing positions she gets to is so much fun – even under her. Back and forth they sex each other up as the sexual juices mix with the water, the rhythm of the bubbles mixes with the rhythm of their pleasure moans. Amazing close ups of their feminine areas and two super hot babes makes this a hot hot match.


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