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WOW, when that amazing white ass drops into that black pussy and rubs to orgasm, well it’s just so, so fabulous – and whose white ass, none other than Karlie Montana – and we all know what a fabulous behind this girl has, – oh and does she love to use it. Ivy sherwood is the lucky recipient of this ass rub down, and by no means can we ignore her beautiful ebony bottom, yes two bountiful butts of beauty. This starts out like any normal bikini match but soon gets much hotter as Ivy wraps her strong legs around Karlie’s thin waist and squeezes, but Karlie makes her pay with a savage camel clutch, then to the couch where Ivy lays her across it and spanks that ass. Time to go after those luscious pussies as each girl grabs then strokes, aiming for that orgasmic pleasure and of course this leads to some fabulous tribbing; pussy to pussy they get so hot, then the asses start their work and we really get some steam rising. Ivory and ebony, breasts. butts and pussies – we can never get enough of Karlie, she is without a doubt one of the hottest ladies to ever split two feminine legs apart and go for that creamy center and it is so refreshing to have a beautiful black girl that so enjoys going skin to skin, loves to touch and be touched – sex and wrestling, they love it and we love them for it !!!!!


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