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Strap On City

We pick up straight into the first tussle between these two wildcats as Serena is pinned under Ivy’s legs. This doesn’t last long as the strong Serena throws her over, sits on Ivy’s face, and forces her to eat her pussy. This is some tight and sadistic face sitting as Ivy’s eyes open wide and her face is literally smashed into Serena’s moist pussy. Moving into a 69 position the sly Serena grabs a dildo and jams it hard into Ivy’s pussy. Ivy’s screams and moans of pleasure are loud as Serena verbally abuses her calling her a bitch and a cunt. A loud screaming orgasm is reached by Ivy but Serena just keeps fucking away with the dildo. Soon a surprise is in store for Serena as Ivy shakes off her intense orgasm and a catfight ensues. Hair pulling, slapping, spanking, and wrestling moves abound as Ivy starts to take control. This is truly a back and forth match, Ivy sits on Serena’s face and forces her to eat her pussy, then Serena gains control and does the same to Ivy. But, it seems to be the dildo that is Ivy’s weakness. I think she just may like it too much and Serena senses this. More forced orgasms out of Ivy and now Serena brings out the big guns. The strap on!! Trapping Ivy in a surfboard and fucks the shit out of her foe from behind. Ivy orgasms doggie style, Serena forces her into missionary and makes her cum with the strap on again. Keeping the strap on Serena then takes Ivy to the bedroom where we witness a more terrified Ivy getting rammed hard in every way by the crafty Serena. Let me say this guys, Serena took complete control in the bedroom. Serena is a hardcore sex machine and knows how to pull orgasm after orgasm out of Ivy, who is the perfect victim in the end. A wild raunchy sex romp in this one, complete with some great wrestling and domination. A great title to have for Ivy and Serena fans, and, fans of raw unadulterated sex between two contrasting, hot as fuck girls.

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