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Serena’s Surprise Cum Challenge

Like the keys on a grand piano, these two vastly different styles, looks and intensity, come together in a crescendo of sex and good hard wrestling holds. Ivy Sherwood, dark, sultry and ready to fight in a form fitting jeans outfit, takes on Serena Blair with her contrasting alabaster skin, girl next door looks, and an equal fight intensity Serena always brings to the table. Both Ivy’s jeans outfit and Serena’s sex tiger one piece don’t stay on long as both fighters are soon naked and vulnerable.Wrestling holds featuring camel clutch, full nelsons, scissors, chokes and aggressive fighting is on full display. Serena has been beating girls right and left at Xtreme, but Ivy uses her secret weapons, her perfect tits to smother and take the wind out of Serena’s sails. But don’t count Serena out just yet, she uses sexual tactics like fingering oral, and tribbing to try to force orgasm after orgasm from Ivy. Back and forth the action goes with PLENTY of nipple biting, smothering with face sitting, and breasts as now Serena has orgasm after orgasm. Finally it seems Ivy has had enough as she clamps on a perfect dragon sleeper to Serena’s wide eyed look of horror and yes, she puts two fingers inside Serena while keeping her in place with the dragon sleeper. Not quite done with her prey, Ivy smothers Serena with a cruel and humiliating face sit forcing Serena to eat Ivy’s moist glistening pussy. This one has something for everybody. Two stunning girls, plenty of hard wrestling and PLENTY of hot insatiable sex!


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