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Some wild chemistry when these two get in the ring together, never quite sure how much of it’s like or dislike, it plays as competitive but I have a sneaking feeling there’s a real attraction here. Celeste Star and Jamie Lynn are both great talkers and this sexual match brings out the best of their bravado. Naked and wild these sleek beauties strive to make each other cum, in all kinds of great contorted positions they grab crotches and bite and spank butts, once they attain the orgasm on their foe they try to humiliate her with pony rides and anything else they can think of, they even get the oil out to lube up the feminine divide, but it only makes it easier for that oil to be used to hump the other girls firm behind as she mounts her doggy style and rubs for an orgasmic finish. Celeste licks Jamie’s face and it driver her crazy, they intwine and rub sending sexual sparks that ripple through their soft contrasting skin; the brown and the ivory. The wrestling gets more heated as they each strive for dominating positions. A match filled with sexual chemistry and tension and oh so much fun to watch !!!!!


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